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For decades, DYNACORD has been one of the leading manufacturers in the pro audio sector and has established a secure position in the amplifier market thanks to the excellent audio performance,absolute reliability and high stability of the Linear Precision series .With their outstanding operational security, which guarantees years of problem-free use, the amplifiers of the Linear Precision series are now the standard for a wide variety of fullrange and multi-way loudspeakers systems in professional venues as diverse as theatres, stadiums,discotheques, clubs and concert halls.



With the LX 2200, DYNACORD is introducing a new class of professional high end amplifiers: the Switch Mode Precision series. The combination of an analogue class-H design with a state-of-the-art switching power supply has made possible the creation of a professional power amplifier, delivering 2 x 1600 watts into 2 ohms and excellent audio specifications, that weighs only 8.15 kg .With an output rated at 2 x 1100 into 4 ohms or 2 x 600 watts into 8 ohms, the LX 2200 is the ideal power amplifier for a multitude of high-power fullrange enclosures. Even complex loads as low as 2 ohms can be driven with absolute reliability. Thanks to its weight of only 8.15 kg, racks containing several LX 2200 units for active multi-way use are easy to transport. Gone for ever are the days of cumbersome amp racks.



With this technology, two different power supply rails are permanently available internally to the power amplifier blocks. For most of the program material, the lower is able to reproduce the signal flawlessly. However when there are dynamic peaks,the amplifier switches internally and at high speed to the higher supply voltage. The great advantage of this technology lies in the fact that for much of the time, the power amplifier blocks are working with the lower supply voltage and the power dissipation is therefore considerably less than with conventional class AB power amplifiers. This also means considerably less waste heat. A conventional power amplifier design consumes almost twice as much current and generates twice as much heat as Dynacord’s CLASS H design. The compact power amplifiers of the Precision Series therefore remain far cooler under extreme conditions.



Dynamic limiters are a standard feature of all DYNACORD power amplifiers. High speed audio processors are continuously comparing the input signal to the output signal - this is called Audio Processor Control (APC) - and in the event of any non-linearity, the processors send control signals to the limiters,which operate dynamically upon the input level. As a result, total harmonic distortion is kept to max.1% at all input levels below 21 dBu.



The dB-calibrated level controls are on the front panel and come in the shape of ultraprecise detent potentiometers recessed in the front panel to protect them from accidental contact. Power, Protect, Signal and Limit LEDs provide a quick overview of the current operating status.



The LX 2200 is equipped with protections against overheating,overloading,short-circuits, DC and HF as well as a Back-EMF protection.Another valuable safeguard is provided by the Soft Start relay system a power-up delay to protect the power outputs that also limits current flow to eliminate the risk of blowing a fuse in the mains. At the same time,ultra-fast audio processors continuously compare the output signal with the input signal and send control parameters to the limiter in the event of any non-linearity.



The electronically balanced XLR IN /OUT sockets are provided for direct operation with professional mixing consoles and signal processors.Like all the models in the Compact Linear Precision series (CL 800 /CL 1200 /CL 1600),the LX 2200 is designed for a Constant Gain of 32 dB.The power outputs for Channels A and B are on Speakon connectors. A Ground Lift switch is also provided to separate the chassis ground from the signal ground in order to eliminate ground loop hum.


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