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Swarovski Optički ciljnik Z6i 2.5-15x56 ONE FOR ALL, popust
Optički ciljnik Z6i 2.5-15x56 ONE FOR ALL

Optički nišan 2.5-15x56 je stvoren za lov u slabijim svjetlosnim uvjetima.

Zoom 6x omogućava uspješno korištenje optike na malim udaljenostima u pogonskom lovu sa uvećanjem od 2.5x, a sa uvećanjem 15x plasiranje preciznih hitaca i na zaista većim udaljenostima.

HD optika i bočna korekcija paralakse garantiraju najveću moguću oštrinu slike bez obzira na udaljenost mete.


Swarovski Optik presents latest rifle scope of the Z6 generation: Perfection in any light

Absam, Tyrol, March 2008: The Z6(i) 2.5-15x56P extends Swarovski Optik's successful generation of rifle scopes. It offers all the revolutionary benefits of the Z6 and is particularly well suited to hunting in poor light conditions. We will also be presenting our new ballistic turret which is easily adjustable by the owner to suit their individual shooting requirements. "This new high-magnification model extends our successful family of Z6 rifle scopes for which there is brisk demand. Maximum precision and production accuracy combined with a wide range of uses are success factors which hunters all over the world rely on in the Z6," commented Johannes Davoras, Director of Marketing and Product Management, on the launch of the new model.

In January 2007 Swarovski Optik revolutionised the rifle scope market and launched rifle scopes with 6x zoom. For the hunter this means a visual field area that is up to 50 percent larger, a magnification range that is up to 50 percent higher and an eye distance that is up to 50 percent longer. All these features make the Z6 models universally usable and perfect companions for the all types of hunting from stalking to mountain hunting.

One year later and the revolutionary Z6 series is being supplemented by another versatile model: in the Z6(i) 2.5-15x56P the hunter now has at his disposal a rifle scope which enables high precision even in poor light conditions. With a visual field suitable for driven hunting and its 15x magnification for precision longrange shots, it can be used for a wide range of applications. The HD optic and lateral parallax correction ensures an accurate target image at any distance. Like all the other Z6 models, the Z6 2.5-15x56P is available with and without reticle illumination and optional SR rail.

Individually for any range

An accurate aiming point is the prerequisite for precise long-range shots. The Swarovski Optik ballistic turret enables you to "stay on the spot" when sighting in at different distances. However, as every hunter has different requirements, particular emphasis was placed during development on the ability to determine the desired distances individually, set them without a problem and change them again.

You can mount the ballistic turret yourself in a few simple steps. A specially developed ballistics programme calculates the required values (number of clicks) for the desired distances. Brief, concise operating instructions supplemented by 3D mounting instructions and a short film on the Swarovski Optik home page make installation easy and ensure that the ballistic turret is quickly ready for use.

Precision at any distance

The greater the distance to the target, the higher the demands on man and technology. Swarovski Optik provides solutions for precise aiming at longer distances with calibrated distance reticles: at the "magic distance" of 300 m for example. The new 4A-300(-I) reticle is based on a conventional 4A reticle. The three additional bars extend the scope of function such that the best possible conditions are provided for a precise shot at 300 m. This precision aiming system stands out in everyday hunting due to its clearly arranged appearance and ease of handling. The 4A-300 reticle is also available in an illuminated version.

Also new on the European market is the BR reticle, an enhancement of the successful TDS reticle. By comparison with its predecessor, the shooting distance has been extended by one bar and additional points that halve the aiming points between the bars have also been set. This way the marksman has a suitable aiming point at almost any range.

Maximum protection

Bad weather and harsh hunting conditions can affect even the most rugged rifle scope over the years. The new scope guards from Swarovski Optik ensure the best possible protection in bad weather or on challenging hunts. The water-repellent, bi-elastic outer material with neoprene is extremely hard-wearing and hugs the rifle scope closely. It protects the lenses against scratches and can be pulled on and off silently, simply and quickly even when wearing gloves. The scope guards are available in three sizes and are a perfect match for Swarovski Optik's current rifle scopes.



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